Andrew Kirell

Andrew Kirell is a Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter who, by day, is a journalist, and by night, is a soul-searcher looking to make it his only job to create some good ol' fashioned, tear-in-your-beer, alt-country rock 'n' roll music.

LAST NYC OF 2017: Andrew Kirell, Sarah Ontaneda, Adam James @ Sidewalk

NYC, let’s goooooo. Next week. Last city show of 2017. It’s gonna be a great one—I promise. We've got a bunch of solo acts for this night. Music starts at 7 p.m: Adam James (of More Than Skies), Sara Ontaneda, and I will see you there!

My pal David Nagler will join me for a few songs on piano.

Once again, Sidewalk is a FREE venue, but please do respect their two-anything minimum off the menu.

Adam James—7 p.m.
Sara Ontaned—8 p.m.
Andrew Kirell—9 p.m.

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