Andrew Kirell

Andrew Kirell is a Brooklyn-based singer and songwriter who, by day, is a journalist, and by night, is a soul-searcher looking to make it his only job to create some good ol' fashioned, tear-in-your-beer, alt-country rock 'n' roll music.

New Music Coming Soon, I Promise

Hello, dearest people who still read websites instead of the plethora of social-media outlets available to you in 2019, I am here to say: I have just recorded an LP in Nashville and it is absolutely mental. It’s got big horns, chunky Hammond B3, some pedal steel, and my voice doing what it does. I can’t wait to share it with everyone on planet earth and wherever else the streaming economy takes us in the future.

New Single "Sins of the Father" Now Available Everywhere!

It’s here!!! My latest single, “Sins of the Father,” is now available on all streaming platforms. Listen now! Much love to the mega-talented Nashville musicians who helped make this cathartic peacenik anthem come alive. Give it a spin and don’t forget to follow my artist profile on Spotify, ya dig?

The song was recorded (along with others soon to come, heh) at The Track House in Nashville, TN, with production, engineering, and mixing by Keller Moore.

Andrew Kirell — songwriter, guitar, harmonica, percussion.
Hank Compton — electric and baritone guitar.
Justin Schipper — pedal steel.
Keaton Williamson — bass.
Austin Valentine — drums.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, from yr favorite wannabe hi-desert drifter! 2017 has been a helluva year and I'm real excited for some big news coming in 2018. And attn: LA/Yucca Valley/Joshua Tree/Other Desert Cities folk, I'm playing on Friday (12/29) at Landers Brew! Show starts at 8 and goes til whenever dafuq.


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